Healthy Waist Circumference

Health Tip: If you carry a few extra pounds, you’re not alone. We all enjoy relaxing and spending time with friends and family; which sometimes means consuming high caloric foods and drinks. Excess weight, especially belly fat can be harmful, increasing your risk of developing diseases including:

  1. Cardiovascular disease

  2. Diabetes

  3. High Blood Pressure

  4. Sleep Disorder

  5. Cancer

The following data identifies unhealthy waist circumferences

1. American Heart Association, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute:

Women: >88 cm (35 inches), Men- >102 cm (40 inches)

2. International Diabetes Federation:

Women: > 80 cm (31.5 inches), Men: > 90 cm (35.5 inches)

Make an effort to keep your weight within a healthy range by balancing your food intake with regularly scheduled exercise.

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