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Andrea’s Fit to Fab Journey!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Time to make some changes

When we first moved to Georgia in 2005, while our house was being built, we ate out almost exclusively. We all gained weight as a family and my husband signed us up for gym memberships. I went but was not serious about improving my health. It wasn’t until we met Renay Grant (around 2015??) and found out that she was a personal trainer that I actually began to think about fitness and my overall health.  Once we began training sessions with Stayfit Wellness and Renay, my mindset began to change somewhat.

Trusting the process

I began going to the gym on a regular basis and kept up with personal training sessions with Stayfit Wellness but didn’t change my eating habits on a regular basis. I would try to eat well sometimes but then ate all types of junk food, cereal, and I ate late at night.  When Renay moved away from Georgia and began her virtual workouts (during COVID), I looked forward to the 3 weekly group sessions and really made an effort to combine both exercise and better eating habits. I wasn’t always successful with the eating but I was doing better. It wasn’t until my son announced that he would be getting married in July 2022 that I decided that I needed to prepare. But first, I went on a two week cruise (November/December 2021) where I ate a lot of food every day, including desserts, bread, sugary drinks  and sweets 2 to 3 times a day. Even though I did some form of exercise every day (because I knew Renay would check), I ate way more calories than I burned. I gained several pounds! I reached out to Renay at Stayfit Wellness in January 2022 and signed up for virtual one on one personal training. Renay set up a plan just for me based on my goals. I wanted to lose 15 pounds by June 2022. I wanted to be well toned, especially my arms (like Michelle Obama), back and stomach.  Renay set up a workout schedule, along with small incremental goals to reach each week. It included reporting my weight and measurements on a regular basis. She provided food calendars with suggestions of healthy meals for each day and also shared recipes.

Goal weight achieved

My decision to do personal training with Renay was one of the best decisions that I have made. I’ve not only lost over 17 pounds, but I have been able to maintain my goal weight. I can’t remember the last time that I was actually at this goal weight. Also, with Renay’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to achieve this goal in early May, which was well ahead of my projected schedule. I was also able to tone my entire body as well. This is the first time that I have been successful consistently over a long period of time (7 months and counting).

Resist the noise

I did have some hesitation about working with a trainer because I had tried personal training previously before Stayfit Wellness. I was always very sore and never wanted to go back. That caused me not to stick with it. While working out with Renay, she always includes warming up, stretching and proper weight lifting and exercise techniques. I’ve learned that these are very important in making sure that you stay looking good but I also feel good. I rarely encounter extreme soreness because of the techniques that Renay uses as a personal trainer.

Be proactive

I would tell a potential client that Renay is one of the most encouraging and effective trainers that I’ve ever encountered! She also makes the workouts FUN and tailors them to your specific needs and goals.  She’s  very knowledgeable about all areas of health, wellness, and fitness. She works well with beginners, Seniors, as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts. For those with some physical ailments or disabilities, she modifies the exercises or workouts to accommodate for that.  She incorporates all things to help you to make lifestyle and dietary changes that will improve your overall appearance and well-being.

Fitness philosophy

My philosophy is that health and fitness are more important than any other goals that you could set for yourself. You can be successful, wealthy, popular, but without your health, you cannot enjoy these things. With Renay‘s help, I have also incorporated her philosophy of “staying healthy to remain independent”. If I want to continue to be active, travel, and be here for my family, I have to stay healthy and fit!

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