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About Us


Our goal at Stayfit Wellness is to motivate, transform and improve the health and well-being of our clients. We strive to provide safe and effective Group Fitness workouts in a fun and lively environment. We also provide nationally certified Personal Training, and other wellness services that results in a better quality of living.

Mission Statement

To provide resources needed to achieve optimal fitness and live a healthier more active lifestyle.

Vision & Intention

Our vision is to create a fitness oasis where clients can achieve physical, spiritual, and mental balance. We strive to provide comprehensive fitness, nutrition and wellness-related programs designed to motivate and promote healthy living.

Why Choose Us?

In an industry that is saturated with overcrowded fitness facilities, Stayfit Wellness offers state of the art online training in a boutique family-oriented setting.


Stayfit Wellness has taught me how to make being physically fit a lifestyle.



Renay Grant

Exercise Physiologist-ACSM


Natasha Jones

Yoga Instructor

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